Donald Trump Caught Totally Offguard by Mueller's Latest Move -
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Donald Trump Caught Totally Offguard by Mueller’s Latest Move

When the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Attorney Michael Cohen, a raid signed off on by the awesome Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Even though it’s been obvious since last week that Robert Mueller was targeting Cohen, this move is so bold and aggressive that it is sending shockwaves throughout the political landscape. Now we are getting confirmation that Donald Trump himself was caught off guard by the move, and even his own presidential advisers are admitting that he has no plan for how to respond.

The New York Times first reported that Robert Mueller and the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s Office located in New York City. Vanity Fair confirmed that the good old FBI had also raided Michael Cohen’s hotel residence. Cohen was supposedly just being targeted for his campaign finance violations regarding the Stormy Daniels payoff, but the Washington Post is now reporting that Cohen was also targeted for bank fraud. Then came Donald Trump’s response, or total lack thereof.

Robert Costa, who works for the Washington Post tweeted the following: “Briefly reached a WH official. Official said the WH doesn’t have a strategy for the Comey book. Paused. Then said that should answer my question of what’s the strategy for dealing with Cohen news.” Trump truly has no remaining strategy for this, beyond watching as it happens and then tweeting angrily as it goes completely wrong for him.

The FBI’s seizure of Cohen’s communications with Trump means that Trump is the real target. It’s rare and extreme for a search warrant to be given to seize records of communications between an attorney and their client. However, the attorney-client privilege isn’t relevant when it comes to a conspiracy between a lawyer and their client to break the law.

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