Trump Supporters Just Realized the Harsh Consequences for Supporting a Megalomaniac (VIDEO) -
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Trump Supporters Just Realized the Harsh Consequences for Supporting a Megalomaniac (VIDEO)

How far would you be willing to go to make sure that your life is completely Trump-free? For a Sacramento woman, the answer is very far. This homeowner — staying anonymous so that the depraved hateful Trump supporters won’t harass her — is refusing to sell the Sacramento, California home she lived in for decades to Trump supporters.

The woman’s realtor began her job by doing exactly what any realtor would: show the home to all potential buyers. But the Sacramento house seller quickly became dissatisfied with the type of people seeking to buy her beloved home. The woman explains that her home has been owned by her family for decades, and so, she’s very protective of it. She doesn’t want the house to go to racist buyers whose fascist ideals would disrespect her family’s tradition.

Obviously, there’s been incredible backlash from conservative snowflakes, who whine like babies every time they don’t get their way. Some people think the woman’s refusal to sell the home to anyone qualified to buy it as discriminatory and unwise. A local lawyer, Allen Sawyer, expressed that didn’t like the situation, probably because he is a Trump supporter and therefore the enemy. According to Sawyer, who clearly knows less about the law then he should, the buyer’s request to not sell to evil racist Trump supporters is against the law. He claims the situation is “…an unlawful contractual term that infringes the freedom of association and first amendment rights.”

“People have a right to believe what they want to believe,” Sawyer whined. “And they shouldn’t be restricted from purchasing property based on that.”

But is this reasonable request to not sell to gullible racists against the law? No. The Fair Housing Act protects Americans from discrimination due to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and/or children. Political affiliation? That isn’t protected when renting, buying, and securing a loan for housing. Seems like this Sacramento home seller isn’t breaking the law.

Now, is it ethical? Yes. Trump supporters deserve to be punished for damaging our nation so badly. Good for her.


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