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Trumps Kids Just Busted Wasting Thousands in Taxpayer Money

You might think that during the Scott Pruitt scandal, the corrupt Trump family would stop wasting taxpayer money. Unfortunately not, since it was just revealed that Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump spent $73,000 in taxpayer money during a business trip to Dubai.

CBS News reports that the Trumps saw Hussain Sajwani, who is a Trump Organization Middle East business associate. Sajwani tweeted a picture of himself with the terrible Trump sons, saying they were “celebrating [his] daughter Amira’s wedding.”

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization claimed that the Trumps also headed to Dubai to meet with “the team at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai.”

“The Secret Service is conducting a protective operation in the [United Arab Emirates],” said a Secret Service spokesperson to CBS News. “As a matter of practice we do not comment on the specifics of protectee’s trips.”

Donald Trump handed over management of his Trump Organization to his two adult sons before he took office but has come under scrutiny because he is completely corrupt. His family is profiting from the business while Trump is in the White House and he’s using his power for personal financial gain.

The family was criticized last year because the adult Trump children cost the taxpayers more than $330,000 in security costs during a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. The Trump family is garbage.

This issue is a small scandal compared to the millions of dollars that EPA director Scott Pruitt spent traveling all around the world, but this is still something people think is worth criticizing in order to ensure that American tax dollars aren’t being wasted by selfish idiots who don’t have a conscience.

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