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Ivanka Trump Just Found Herself Some Big Trouble in Dad’s Scandal

Over the last 12 months, even while so many other people in Trump’s evil orbit have been scrutinized – or in an increasing number of instances, arrested– in the Trump Russia treason scandal, one major name has remained right under the radar. Ivanka Trump was bound to get into trouble.

The Senate Intelligence Committee spent seven hours recently interviewing ex-Trump business partner and infamous criminal Felix Sater in secret. Even though Mueller’s Trump-Russia treason investigation has been front and center, these other congressional investigations into Donald Trump-Russia connections still play a crucial role. The House Intel Committee’s probe long ago became a Donald Trump-controlled sham. Suspects have actually lined up in order to testify for the lenient House Intel Committee to be falsely “exonerated” by the chairman Devin Nunes. However, the Senate Intel Committee is very different.

Trump-Russia criminals have generally agreed to testify in front of the Senate Intel Committee only if they’re really serious about cooperating in the Trump-Russia treason investigation. So Sater’s willingness to testify is a huge deal. It signals that Sater is also cooperating with Mueller. This has everything to do with Ivanka.

The Trump Organization worked with Felix Sater on several shady real estate deals. Many of them, especially the ill fated Trump Soho deal, were led by Ivanka Trump. Felix Sater is a Russian mafia money launderer who has been tried and convicted, and he is also a longtime informant for the FBI. It was only a matter of time before Sater sold out the crooked Trumps in general, and particularly Ivanka, to remain on the FBI’s good side. And that’s exactly what just happened.

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