Clues Begin to Surface on Who Robert Mueller' Next Big Arrest Will Be -
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Clues Begin to Surface on Who Robert Mueller’ Next Big Arrest Will Be

Special Counsel Robert Mueller keeps making aggressive moves secretly in his Trump-Russia treason investigation, and clues continue to surface occasionally in the media. Now, different storylines from two news outlets have come in almost simultaneous fashion, indicating the next big arrests for the Trump-Russia treason scandal.

While NBC News is reporting that Mueller got a new search warrant involving Paul Manafort, McClatchy reports that Mueller is pursuing Donald Trump’s partners in business with subpoenas. It can’t be a coincidence that two very different secret stories have become public within a few minutes of each other. More notable is that the actions taken against Trump’s business partners are taking place this week, while the Manafort-related search warrant happened four weeks ago, but is finally being reported now.

Robert Mueller is strategically making things public at this time to lay the groundwork for the next big move. First, the search warrant related to Manafort is probably not against Manafort. While Robert Mueller could still bring more criminal charges on Manafort in addition to the many felony charges he has already levied, there is nothing left of Manafort’s possessions that need to be searched. The ongoing probe into Manafort’s alleged crimes is more likely to have alerted Mueller to the illegal actions of a Manafort associate, a man who is now being targeted as well.

Second, the many subpoenas involving Donald Trump’s business partners are intended to get to Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen, reports McClatchy. The logical conclusion is that Robert Mueller is getting ready to arrest or indict Michael Cohen. But that’s not a given. What is clear here is that Mueller is letting all of this become public at this time because he’s going to make his next big move soon – and it’s got something to do with Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Based on Robert Mueller’s history of laying such groundwork, someone will be arrested soon.

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