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Trump Just Fell Right Into Mueller’s Brilliant Trap

Donald Trump keeps making unforced errors in the Trump-Russia treason scandal. Special Counsel Mueller set a trap for him, and stupid Trump walked right into it. Well, it’s more like Trump jubilantly danced into Mueller’s trap because he believed it meant that he’d won, just as Robert Mueller knew he would win.

The Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller has told Trump’s attorneys that President Trump is being investigated in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, but he’s not an actual “criminal target” in the investigation. This means that Traitor Trump isn’t yet classified as a target, but since he is a subject of the probe, he can become a target at any time. But don’t try telling that to stupid old Trump, who is celebrating the news like a moron..

This is bad news for Trump, because he’s been the unofficial primary target of the Trump-Russia treason investigation the whole time, and this means he is well on his way to officially being a target. That same understanding is shared by political analysts and  various legal experts. What Donald Trump doesn’t understand is that Mueller set a trap, and he just ran into it.

Trump has routinely shown that he’s clueless about how criminal investigations function. He thought he was absolved when ex-FBI Director James Comey informed him that he was not (yet) personally being investigated. By telling Donald Trump now that he’s just a subject and not an actual target, Robert Mueller has fooled Trump into thinking that he’s off the hook again. This should make Trump let his guard down about Robert Mueller, even while Mueller closes in on him. President Jackass just doesn’t get it.

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