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Mike Pence’s Worst Dreams are Coming True as Donald Trump’s Presidency Falls Apart

Three years ago, notorious bigot Mike Pence was the Governor of Indiana. He started to be unpopular and was out of touch with the people of Indiana. When re-election time came, yard signs were put up all over Indiana: PENCE MUST GO, FIRE PENCE, NO MORE PENCE, and DUMP PENCE. Pence would not have been re-elected to another term and was very happy to be chosen as VP.

While he was Governor, he signed a law that requiring women to arrange either a cremation or a burial for a fetus, which, pardon my language, is extremely screwed up. Pence also ended a needle exchange program and it caused an HIV outbreak in Scott County. Governor Bigot also signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which let any person or business discriminate as much as they want against the LGBT community, if they had religious beliefs which encourage hating homosexuals. The immediate revenue loss was $60 million.

Pence gave a massive tax cut to Carrier to stay in Indiana but they left the state anyway, leaving tax payers holding the bag for his cronyism. The Indiana tax cuts he signed mirrored the recent US Tax Act; helping the rich and tricking the less affluent. Mike Pence supported the strictest state administered health care program in America; the most punishing to families with low income.

Mike Pence’s evil legislation was not taken well. The RFRA was changed within a week. After Pence spent time “praying on it”, clean needles were finally made available with no prescription. A Federal court ruled that his messed up fetus law was unconstitutional. The tax cuts give no benefits. Mike Pence is a man of limited intelligence, living with “Mother” in a backwards religious bubble, keeping his stupid smile on his face while trying to keep himself out of the massive mess Donald Trump has made. He is a sneaky, mean spirited man who is out of touch with reality. He runs away from conflicts and has absolutely no stomach for confrontation. He’s not a leader. He stands for nothing besides religious-based oppression. But he might be the next President.

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