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Angry House Republicans Plotting to Replace Paul Ryan

Last week the Republican House member Mark Amodei began discussing what he said was a “rumor” about the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan getting replaced by Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. A Congressman would not talk about the potential removal of his party’s Speaker unless he believed it to be true or he was attempting to make it true. Now it seems there’s definitely something to all this.

Here IS what MSNBC host Joy Reid has to say regarding the matter on her Twitter account: “Republican sources telling me there is definite chatter about Steve Scalise replacing Paul Ryan as speaker.” We now have confirmation that some kind of devious plot is in the works. This leaves us with two important questions.

The first question is whether Paul Ryan is in on the plot because he hates being Speaker, or if they’re trying to forcibly get rid of him. That’s not clear. Congressman Kevin McCarthy seems like the natural successor to Paul Ryan, and McCarthy has become close allies with Trump, so it’s suspicious that Steve Scalise is being talked about as Ryan’s potential replacement. This seems less like Ryan wanting out, than a rival faction of the Republican party trying to control the House.

How does this involve the bribery scandal which blew up just as Republicans began talking in public about replacing Paul Ryan. Mueller’s cooperating witness George Nader moved millions in foreign bribes from United Arab Emirates directly to Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy. Which GOP members in Congress took that money, and who among them knew it was illegal money? Is Paul Ryan thinking about resigning because he accepted the dirty money, or are the other House Republicans trying to take control of the House to protect themselves from the bribery scandal? This is all very suspicious.

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