Trump’s Own Racist and Bigoted Rantings are Coming Back to Bite Him in Court -
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Trump’s Own Racist and Bigoted Rantings are Coming Back to Bite Him in Court

Last fall, some Democratic state attorneys general teamed up with immigration lawyers to sue the evil Trump administration, claiming that the president’s choice to scrap DACA was unlawful, since it was motivated by Trump’s extreme racist hatred toward communities of color.

Our “Justice” Department tried to have the case dismissed. But yesterday, A New York judge rejected that attempt, citing the terrible president’s “racially charged language.”  From the New York Times report:

[I]n his order rejecting the motion to dismiss, [Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis of Federal District Court in Brooklyn] pointed directly at Mr. Trump, noting that his numerous “racial slurs” and “epithets” – both as a candidate and from the White House – had created a “plausible inference” that the decision to end DACA violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

“One might reasonably infer,” Judge Garaufis wrote, “that a candidate who makes overtly bigoted statements on the campaign trail might be more likely to engage in similarly bigoted action in office.”

This was not a ruling regarding the merits of the suit – the argument against the evil White House’s racist policy is continues to be litigated – but it represents a procedural victory for people trying to protect the Dreamers from Trump’s godless agenda.

What’s more, this is the latest proof that the stupid president is his own worst enemy. If this situation sounds familiar – Trump’s own words hurting him in court – it’s because it’s been happening repeatedly since his inauguration.

* In January, the Trump administration lost a DACA case, and the ruling cited Trump’s own rhetoric.

* In Bowe Bergdahl’s trial, the judge said that he planned to consider Trump’s record of highly provocative and hateful rhetoric towards Bergdahl during the sentencing decision.

* The first versions of the Muslim ban faced legal difficulties due to Trump’s own bigoted rhetoric.

* The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals decided over the summer that various Democratic attorneys general could be involved in a case regarding health care policy because of Trump’s rhetoric.

* The administration’s attorneys ran into the same issue last April trying to support Trump’s racist executive order against the rights of so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Trump’s opponents should hope he never shuts his stupid racist mouth.

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