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Now It’s the ‘Anti-Midas Touch’ for Donald Trump

Vox’s Matt Yglesias called Donald Trump’s influence on public opinion a “reverse Midas touch” six months ago. It’s a simple idea: whenever the stupid president criticizes something, it becomes more popular.

The proof for the the thesis isn’t elusive. Support for the Affordable Care Act, athletes protesting racism, government solutions for global warming, and public confidence in the American media improved in the fall, in spite of – or perhaps because of – Donald Trump’s idiotic criticisms.

Not long after Trump rescinded DACA, public support for DACA increased. And then Trump said there would be trade tariffs to protect our domestic economy, and of course people were against it.

Trade was one of Mr. Trump’s signature campaign issues, so his moves should come as no surprise. Public support for them, though, may be less certain. Americans overwhelmingly think trade is more of an opportunity to boost the economy than it is a threat to it, according to new WSJ/NBC News polling that showed support by a 66%-20% margin. And that feeling transcends party lines, as Republicans, independents and Democrats agree that foreign trade is an opportunity for economic growth.

As Mark Murray of NBC News noted last week, following Trump’s controversial new tariffs, public support for foreign trade is now at “an all-time high.”

The spineless hypocrite president also changed his mind regarding his agenda on gun policy when he met with NRA officials – after which national polling showed that people now hate the NRA in an unprecedented way.

Whatever that incompetent idiot Trump rejects, the public will support. What President Jackass supports, the public rejects.

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