Donald Trump's Mental and Physical Health Just Returned to the Headlines -
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Donald Trump’s Mental and Physical Health Just Returned to the Headlines

Throughout 2017, Donald Trump’s behavior increasingly indicated that he had worsening physical and mental health issues. By the beginning of 2018, Trump’s health problems had become so alarming that the overly cautious mainstream media pointed out the serious problem. So the lying sociopath Trump had a military doctor lie about his health, which convinced the mainstream media to forget about the story. But now Donald Trump has made the blunder of putting his horrible health right back in the public eye.

When Dr. Ronny Jackson dishonestly declared that Trump was in almost perfect health despite the many McDonald’s cheeseburgers, that he had great genes, that he wasn’t severely mentally ill, and that he was somehow taller and thinner than reality indicates, we knew the deceitful doctor was wildly misrepresenting things to cover something up. However, the media didn’t want to call an accomplished military doctor a liar, and so it let the subject go, even while Trump’s mental and physical health has worsened even further this year.

Trump seems to have completely forgotten that Jackson’s unbelievable medical claims about him were fraudulent – or maybe stupid Trump forgot that cabinet appointments need a Senate confirmation. Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Ronny Jackson to be the new VA Secretary, meaning Jackson will be interviewed by the Senate and it will be played on live national television. Even if Republicans want to give Jackson a completely free pass, which they might not, Senate Democrats will use their time to hone in on, among many other things, Jackson’s fraudulent Trump physical.

Dr. Ronny Jackson is going to have to respond to questions regarding why he listed Trump as weighing 239 pounds despite him being visibly thirty pounds heavier, why Trump is listed as being 6’3″ when pictures reveal that he’s shorter than other people he’s stood close to who stand at 6’2″, and why in the world he gave the president of the United States a cognitive test which was as easy as correctly identifying a photo of a rhinoceros. After the absurdity of these facts about the physical becomes established, the Democrats will then grill Jackson on what’s really problematic with Donald Trump’s physical and mental health. Of course, only if Trump doesn’t take back the nomination first.

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