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Alex Jones Associate Detained by FBI…Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in Focus

An American academic who has links to President Trump said on Friday that he was held and questioned by multiple FBI agents in Boston at Logan airport this week.

Ted Malloch, who is a regular contributor to the extremely inaccurate and hateful conspiracy theory site Infowars, informed The Guardian that he was held by the FBI following a flight from Boston to London.

Malloch said that the FBI questioned him about his involvement with the Trump campaign, about his relationship with ex-Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone and also if he had ever gone to the Ecuadorian embassy located in London, where the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange currently lives.

Stone likely had advance knowledge of the WikiLeaks hacking of the DNC’s emails well before the emails went public.

Malloch was issued a subpoena forcing him to testify before Robert Mueller’s grand jury April 13. The story of his being held and questioned was first reported on InfoWars.

“I was unfazed and very dubious about why they thought I knew anything,” Malloch said to The Guardian. “I did … find it objectionable to treat me the way they had, as I was entering my home country, where I am a citizen.”

“They did not need to use such tactics or intimidation,” he explained. “I was a U.S. patriot and would do anything and everything to assist the government and I had no information that I believed was relevant.”

Malloch once said he was Trump’s top choice for U.S. ambassador to the EU, but The Wall Street Journal later reported that he was never even considered. Malloch is known for having embellished his biography and he has been accused of making several false statements to banks.

Malloch, who is a vocal critic of the EU due his all-consuming racial bigotry, also has a tight relationship with Nigel Farage, the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party, a man who frequently praises stupid racist Trump and was seen with him while Trump was campaigning.

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