New Revelation on How John Bolton is Connected to the Trump-Russia Scandal -
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New Revelation on How John Bolton is Connected to the Trump-Russia Scandal

We just pointed out that although John Bolton had definite financial connections to Cambridge Analytica, and that Donald Trump’s choice to hire Bolton during the blowup of the Cambridge Analytica data theft scandal was very suspicious, we lacked public evidence that Bolton was involved in Cambridge Analytica’s Trump-Russia treason crime spree. But now we have that evidence.

Unlike Robert Mueller, who is fairly secretive, the UK Parliament is carrying out their own investigation into Brexit and Cambridge Analytica publicly. Parliament released documents that were turned over by the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie that reveal that the company gave stolen Facebook user data directly to John Bolton’s Super PAC. That means that Bolton is guilty of receiving stolen goods. Since Bolton’s super PAC paid Cambridge Analytica millions for its services, that probably means that Bolton is guilty of much worse things.

Bolton must have used the stolen Facebook user data on behalf of the Republican politicians who were being funded by his Super PAC. Who pays big money for things they don’t use? So now we know for sure that Bolton isn’t merely connected with Cambridge Analytica, he’s caught up in the firm’s crimes. This confirms that Trump hired John Bolton specifically because this whole Cambridge Analytica scandal was blowing up, most likely to try to prevent Bolton from accepting a plea deal against him.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into Cambridge Analytica’s part in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, and he is allowed to prosecute all crimes he finds during his investigation. This means he will definitely prosecute Cambridge Analytica for the theft of Facebook user data, even if he’s unable to prove that Cambridge Analytica conspired with Russia. That means that he can prosecute Bolton for receiving the stolen goods from Cambridge Analytica. John Bolton is going to prison unless he makes a deal. Trump is trying to stop him from flipping.

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