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Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Now Have Reason to Hit the Panic Button

Various influential Republicans in Congress spent the duration of the Trump presidency trying sporadically to publicly push back against Trump’s deranged behavior, illegal plots, and criminal scandals. The Republican response to Trump has always been inadequate. But what has stood out is that it’s always been from other important Republicans in Congress, not the two guys in charge. It’s incredibly suspicious.

Almost a year ago, the media started piecing together that the Trump campaign and Russian officials held meetings at the RNC to change the Republican Party platform into a pro-Russia position. The party leaders must have known the real reason that their party platform was changed so drastically. The story disappeared from the headlines long ago, but Robert Mueller was on the case the whole time.

Mueller’s been interviewing many people about the party platform change, says a new report from Reuters. We have learned that Robert Mueller always finds a person involved with any particular aspect of the Trump-Russia treason scandal who is willing to cooperate. All Mueller needs to do is to find a witness who knows that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were aware of what was happening with their party’s platform. Once he does, they’re screwed.

We have also seen that Mueller generally only start to interview all the witnesses to an incident after he has already gotten a cooperating witness to tell him the true story first. This means that Mueller must have the real story already about what happened with Trump, the Russians, and the GOP during the convention. It’s hard to imagine that both the Republican House leader and the Republican Senate leader didn’t know anything. They should be panicking, and they probably are.

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