Almost 200 Former Diplomats Just Banded Together and Issued a Urgent Warning About Trump -
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Almost 200 Former Diplomats Just Banded Together and Issued a Urgent Warning About Trump

Nearly 200 ex-diplomats wrote a letter expressing distress over the terrible state of American diplomacy under Trump.

The group of ex-U.S. ambassadors and experienced diplomats wrote to the Republican chairman as well as the top Democrat for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reported The Washington Post.

The letter claims that Mike Pompeo‘s nomination to be in charge of the State Department is an opportunity to focus on “the urgent need to restore the power and influence of American diplomacy.”

It was organized by the nonpartisan advocacy association Foreign Policy for America.

The group says in the letter that Congress should not approve the White House proposal to decrease the State Department’s budget by an incredible $20 billion.

It raises alarms about the number of senior leadership jobs at the State Department that remain vacant under the incompetent idiot who rigged the election to become president.

The group said that senators should ask Pompeo — whom Trump nominated to be the secretary of State after the unexpected ousting of Rex Tillerson — about his opinions regarding the “critical mission” of diplomacy to work for the interests of the United States.

The letter was signed by many people who have worked for both Republican and Democratic presidents.

Nicholas Burns, who is a former undersecretary of State for political affairs as well as ambassador to NATO, explained that the letter is a “cry from the heart.”

“There’s a hope maybe a strong secretary like Mike Pompeo, with a good record at the CIA supporting career people, will decide it’s time to rebuild the State Department,” Burns said to the Post. “What Tillerson tried to do was a disaster for the foreign service.”

Earlier this month Trump formally submitted Pompeo’s nomination for secretary of State for Senate approval. Pompeo, who once ran the CIA, would be replacing Tillerson.

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