Robert Mueller Just Figured Out How to Get to WikiLeaks Julian Assange -
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Robert Mueller Just Figured Out How to Get to WikiLeaks Julian Assange

WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange has been hiding in the basement of Ecuador’s UK embassy for so long, as he has tried to run away from an arrest warrant in Sweden, one might think he has always lived there. Ecuador has shown no fear of disrespecting Swedish authorities. But now, all of a sudden, Ecuador is coming down hard.

Former Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg said to the media a  while back that he was subpoenaed by a Mueller grand jury. Nunberg was forced to testify regarding his communications with many Trump-Russia figures, but he said he wasn’t willing to betray his friend Roger Stone regarding his communications with Assange in the election. This made it clear that Mueller wants the grand jury indict Roger Stone. Based on Robert Mueller’s willingness to indict foreigners in this scandal, this made it clear that Mueller will indict Assange.

Nunberg testified for the grand jury on March 10th anyway. His initial testimony was about his communications with seven Trump-Russia players, and his next five rounds were about his communications with Stone, Trump, and Paul Manafort.

So right as Robert Mueller is about to drop indictments against Stone and Assange, suddenly Ecuador is cutting off Julian Assange’s internet access. Ecuador claims it’s suddenly concerned about its relationship with the British. But why now? It has long been apparent that the UK won’t crack down on Ecuador for Assange, and also that Ecuador doesn’t care at all what Sweden thinks. The logical scenario would be that Ecuador has been told that Assange is going to be indicted in the US, and it is making preparations. Does this mean that Ecuador will soon turn Assange over to Robert Mueller?

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