Top Lawyer Just Left the Trump Administration to Join Group That's Suing the President -
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Top Lawyer Just Left the Trump Administration to Join Group That’s Suing the President

 Diana Flynn, a top civil rights lawyer for the Department of Justice, informed BuzzFeed News that she’ll be leaving the terrible Trump administration to help out a legal group that is fighting for LGBT rights.

Flynn originally planned to stay in her current job until retirement. She was the head of the influential Civil Rights Division Appellate Section, beginning in President Reagan’s anti-poor administration.

Flynn, a transgender woman, announced she will be abandoning the Trump administration to work with Lambda Legal, a leading LGBT legal rights organization. Flynn will be the litigation director.

“But it appears to me — at this crucial time for LGBT rights — to make the arguments I want to make and take positions I want to take, I would be much better situated at Lambda Legal than I am at Justice,” she said to BuzzFeed.

What makes this move important is that Lambda Legal sued the bigoted Trump administration for the ban on transgenders serving in the military.

Diana Flynn also was concerned that the Justice Department, under the socially backwards and oppressive Republicans, is taking steps to destroy some civil rights.

“I see a danger to some of the principles that have been established in the civil rights arena generally. I see attempts to roll back specifically LGBT rights in the courts and society, and I want to be in the position where I can aggressively resist that and make the arguments that I think will be most effective,” she explained.

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