Robert Mueller Confirms He Has Incriminating 'Tapes' -
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Robert Mueller Confirms He Has Incriminating ‘Tapes’

Ex-FBI Director James Comey famously said once that “Lordy I hope there are tapes” when he was questioned about Donald Trump’s claim that he had secretly recorded all their conversations. There is no proof that Trump has tapes of James Comey, or any other tapes for that matter. But it turns out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has some Trump-Russia tapes, and we know about this because Robert Mueller is now confirming it in his court filings.

Mueller made a big deal a while back out of indicting a lawyer named Alex Van Der Zwaan whose involvement with the Trump-Russia treason scandal seemed tangential at best. Van Der Zwaan lied at first to Mueller’s team regarding his talks with Trump’s ex-deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, and Van Der Zwaan has already pled guilty to the crime. Now he is cooperating to avoid prison time, and he ahs turned over a recording of a phone call that he had with Gates. This tape is very ugly for everyone involved.

Robert Mueller’s newly filed court documents show that he has possession of a tape of Rick Gates admitting to Van Der Zwaan that he and ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort knowingly conspired with the Russian government intelligence community in the election. Gates has agreed to a plea deal, just days after Van Der Zwaan pled guilty. In hindsight, the tape is the determining factor that forced Gates to cut a deal. However, this is just one tape.

Mueller has consistently shown an uncanny power to get evidence that observers thought was impossible to obtain, or didn’t even know existed. He has a letter that Trump wrote to Vladimir Putin many years ago. He has a damning tape with Rick Gates incriminating himself and Paul Manafort. What other tapes does Robert Mueller have? The Pee Pee Tape? The Stormy Daniels tape?

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