Trump Administration Sinks to a New All-Time Low with Recent Immigration Act -
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Trump Administration Sinks to a New All-Time Low with Recent Immigration Act

Apparently, Trump hates the troops unless they’re white — Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently deported Miguel Perez, a man who served two tours in Afghanistan.

The Trump administration claims to support the troops achieved a new low Monday when fascists from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported army veteran Miguel Perez to Mexico.

Perez has lived in the United States since he was just eight years old. He served two tours in Afghanistan, and is currently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of his service.

Perez,  held in a federal facility located in Wisconsin for more than a week, believed that because he joined the Army in 2001, and was wounded while risking his life in one of America’s wars, he would earn his citizenship.

But instead, the evil Trump administration’s fascist and aggressive immigration forces deported him.

Perez was turned down for citizenship because he was convicted for a nonviolent drug charge in 2008. He has been in prison ever since then. But as he tragically explained to the judge, he had turned to drugs because of his untreated PTSD. Let us not forget that George W. Bush and his Republican cronies started these wars and profited off them, especially Dick Cheney with Halliburton/Blackwater.

Moreover, he’d been getting an education while in prison and he was eager to get his life together again. And he had a lot of family and friends living in Chicago who were wished desperately to be reunited with him. But in Mexico, his family sadly said, he will likely be “homeless and penniless.”

Perez’s story is hardly unique. Under Trump, ICE has torn up the Obama-era humane standard of going after violent criminals. Instead, the Trump fascists are going after every single undocumented immigrant that they can find.

ICE fascists have raided a Sacramento church on a Mother’s Day service. They staked out and terrified the people in hypothermia shelter in Alexandria. Their fascist agents went to family courts in order to arrest a battered woman who was at her protective hearing in El Paso, Texas. And they worked with soulless Motel 6 managers to abduct guests from their rooms just outside Phoenix.

Trump has LIED that he understands the situations of people such as Perez. “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!” he misleadingly tweeted in September.

But it was Trump that unilaterally ended multiple programs that were designed to protect immigrants. And he has turned down every good-faith proposal coming from Congress to allow legal status for people who have lived in America since childhood.

Trump’s actions prove he is a liar, and are not those of a man who feels even the slightest sympathy for people such as Perez. So despite the fact that Perez gave his all in the military, the Trump administration is heartlessly kicking him out.

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