Robert Mueller Just Picked Up a Huge Victory Over Donald Trump -
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Robert Mueller Just Picked Up a Huge Victory Over Donald Trump

Thanks to the circus-act nature of Trump’s response to any situation, the true upshot of what’s happened is often lost in the noise. Trump interviewed several potential new lawyers to represent him for the Trump-Russia treason scandal, and even while none of them chose to help a traitor, his current head lawyer John Dowd resigned. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller won a massive victory that has largely gone unnoticed in all the chaos.

Mueller has been attempting for weeks to convince Traitor Trump to give him an interview regarding his role in the Trump-Russia treason scandal and coverup. That interview would be an automatic win for Robert Mueller. If Trump attempts to impress him by, for once, telling the truth, he will be confessing to multiple counts of felony obstruction of justice (and much worse) in the process. If stupid Trump tries lying, Robert Mueller has enough evidence and testimony to get Trump for the felony of lying to a federal investigator.

John Dowd was the person on Donald Trump’s legal team who was most opposed to Trump granting an interview to Robert Mueller. His exit makes it probable that Traitor Trump will give Mueller an interview. Trump is too far away from reality to know what a huge tactical mistake that is, and how it might be the linchpin for destroying his presidency and sending him to prison.

With Trump having announced idiotically this morning on Twitter that he isn’t hiring any new Trump-Russia treason attorneys after all, and with nobody working on his legal team with the ability or impetus to stop him from making bad choices, Trump will likely give the interview that Mueller is so eagerly seeking. Dowd’s quitting, and Trump’s stupid decision to not replace him with anybody who could to talk him out of sitting for the interview, is a massive victory for Mueller.

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