Donald Trump Just Showed His Desperation to Keep Hope Hicks from Running to Mueller -
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Donald Trump Just Showed His Desperation to Keep Hope Hicks from Running to Mueller

Hope Hicks, the White House Communications Director was Donald Trump’s most trusted political adviser. That was until everything fell apart between the lovers, and she seemed headed for a plea deal with the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. There’s yet to an official confirmation of a deal, though Mueller has occasionally kept these things secret as a part of his strategy. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is now going to extreme and desperate measures to attempt to prevent Hicks from betraying him, if she has not already.

Things first went south between Donald Trump and Hope Hicks when the media found out that Hicks’ boyfriend Rob Porter, who was a White House aide, had no permanent security clearance due to two of his ex-wives having accused him of beating them, and that the incompetent and amoral White House had tried to bury it. Hicks tried to defend Porter which made things much worse, and Trump blamed her for the whole scandal.

Around the same time, the media reported that ex-Trump legal spokesman Mark Corallo testified for Mueller that he heard Hicks vowing to suppress or delete email evidence related to the Trump-Russia treason scandal, which if proven, means she is guilty of felony obstruction of justice. The Donald Trump-controlled and amoral House Intel Committee then brought in Hicks to  get a feel for if she was planning to flip on Trump to Mueller so she could save herself. Hicks wouldn’t answer the important questions, giving away that she was running to Robert Mueller.

The next day Hicks abruptly announced that she was resigning from the White House. That story largely went quiet from there, until now. The New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump has called Rob Porter repeatedly and discussed the idiotic possibility of having him work in the White House again. Trump has never had any interest in having Rob Porter around or of wanting his advice, and while NY Times has clearly missed the connection, this is obviously an attempt on Donald Trump’s part to get back on Hicks’ good side. Trump is more worried than he’s ever been that Hicks is snitching on him to Mueller.

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