Donald Trump Just Massively Insulted Children Survivors -
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Donald Trump Just Massively Insulted Children Survivors

While the kids of America marched for their lives yesterday to speak to those who are charged with protecting them from being murdered by guns, the “President” who took the oath of office, chose to entirely ignore their plea for help and went on yet another vacation, because he is lazy and incompetent. Not only did brave Americans all across the nation walk in the March for Our Lives, the march spread worldwide.

Among the millions of people worldwide and here at home, the one man that was noticeably not there was the extremely ugly face of the President. Considering how much President Stupid loves a crowd, his cowardice and lack of concern about murdered children was on full display. Any member of Congress getting paid by the taxpayer can not afford to just ignore these children. They are not marching for scam tax reform or a new Xbox. They are marching for their lives. They’re giving up their free time to march for their right to not be murdered at school, a right that the NRA and Republicans don’t want them to have. They are marching so they can leave their house and not be shot.

If President Stupid can’t take the time to pay attention, or use his uncontrollable Twitter impulses to tweet any support, it shows that once again, Donald J. Trump is a jackass, a moron, and completely unqualified to protect American children. When kids cry for help, you shouldn’t rob their piggy bank and take your old fat ass on vacation.

He’s putting millions of their tax dollars directly into his pocket every time he visits one of his properties and pays with public money. At least Nero was entertaining the whole audience on stage while Rome burned. Not Donald Trump. You will find him golfing terribly.

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