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Did Mike Pence Just Sell Out Donald Trump to Mueller?

Mike Pence continues to cleverly hide in the shadows, away from the media spotlight on the rest of the treasonous Trump administration. While he continues to attempt to give off an aura of innocence, so he can take the altar once Traitor Trump is impeached, many of us know that Pence is equally guilty. While Mike Pence has done his very best to dodge the many crises taking place in the White House, the facts also point right at him.

Even the white supremacist propaganda network Fox News recently reported that Pence has tried his best to be in another country or immersed in various other activities to avoid the rapidly approaching prosecution and imprisonment of all other traitors. It seems to be quite the coincidence that while all this turmoil and consciousness of guilt is coming out of the awful White House, Pence has yet to be asked to testify by Special Counsel Mueller. They typically pursue the biggest fish towards the end, but there hasn’t been any reporting of any approaching or scheduled interviews with Pence.

When Michael Flynn got fired as Trump’s initial National Security Adviser, the supposed reason was that he lied to Pence regarding illegal talks with Russian ambassador Kislyak. But it’s been reported that Mike Pence knew all about the multiple phone calls before the inauguration . So the question we need to ask is, why is there little investigation into Mike Pence’s knowledge of criminal activity while he was in charge of Traitor Trump’s transition team?

While we know that Pence holds many disgusting and hateful positions and beliefs regarding human rights and is an all-around crappy person, but is it possible that Pence is also a soulless sellout? The high rate of departures and turnover in Trump’s terrible administration is unprecedented in US history, but the high level of daily leaks has not decreased. Someone near Donald Trump has been leaking to the press regularly, and likely to Robert Mueller as well. We can’t put anything past Mike Pence, based on his awful record of terrible policies, so could he be working desperately with the Special Counsel to save himself from prison? Right now, only Mueller knows, but it would get rid of much anxiety to know that Mike Pence would never be in power again after Traitor Trump is taken down.

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