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We Just Got Proof that Donald Trump Cheated Against Hillary in 2016

Throughout the Trump presidency, there has been steadily mounting evidence proving that the Trump campaign treasonously conspired with Russia rig the 2016 election. Most of Donald Trump’s top advisers, and a few of his family members, had meetings with Russian government agents during the presidential campaign and then lied about it. Even though the Trump-Russia treason scandal investigation has resulted in the criminal indictments of 19 participants, along with dozens more that are coming soon, the issue all along was whether Trump really cheated. Now we know he did.

Facebook declared on Friday night a ban of the Donald Trump campaign’s voter data analysis company Cambridge Analytica for stealing personal data from 50 million Facebook users. Which means that whenever the Trump campaign was choosing who to target with advertising on Facebook, it was cheating by using stolen data as a guide. This is similar to but much worse than when Richard Nixon hired burglars and ordered them to break into the DNC headquarters to steal secret information.

This whole time we’ve been looking for the smoking gun to prove the Trump campaign was illegally using voter registration data or the DNC email data that was stolen by Russian hackers. We all know that the Russians stole the data. We even know that members of the Donald Trump campaign talked with the Russian hackers, and also with WikiLeaks, which acted as a communication middleman. We know that Trump is a cheater and a liar.

The Donald Trump campaign’s data analysis company stole user data from 50 million Facebook accounts, and then plotted its entire budget and strategy based on that stolen information. That qualifies as cheating. Trump cheated to defeat Hillary Clinton. It’s official. Even while we wait for the huge Russian aspect of Traitor Trump’s cheating to be proven, we know that Trump was shamefully cheating with data that was stolen domestically. Trump didn’t fairly win the election; his evil campaign committed a serious crime to do it. We already were aware of that over a year ago. Now there is proof.

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