Kellyanne Conway Just Showed Her Ignorance and Incompetence on a Critical Issue...One That She's in Charge Of! -
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Kellyanne Conway Just Showed Her Ignorance and Incompetence on a Critical Issue…One That She’s in Charge Of!

Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway ignorantly told a group of college students Thursday to eat junk food instead of buying fentanyl-laced narcotics. She’s now being blasted on the internet for the oversimplification and downplay of the difficulties of addiction.

“On our college campuses, your folks are reading the labels, they won’t put any sugar in their body, they don’t eat carbs anymore, and they’re very, very fastidious about what goes into their body,” Conway babbled at a youth forum that was hosted by the awful White House.

“And then you buy a street drug for $5 or $10, it’s laced with fentanyl, and that’s it,” she explained oh so brilliantly.

“So I guess my short advice is, as¬†somebody double your age: eat the ice cream, have the french fry, don’t buy the street drug. Believe me, it all works out,” Conway said, and thanks to her incredible wisdom, suddenly all opiate addicts in America were cured of their disease.

Conway, who is a former Republican pollster, got the job last year to oversee the White House’s efforts to fight the opioid epidemic, an issue that has become a key issue for the completely incompetent Trump administration.

Her comments came a few days after President Trump announced a three-pronged strategy to fight the opioid epidemic: reducing demand for and over-prescription of narcotic painkillers, cutting off supply of illegal drugs and increasing access to treatment. Of course, they won’t actually do anything meaningful, but they’ll certainly say that they will.

That plan included an order to the Justice Department to seek the death penalty for drug dealers when appropriate under existing law, because state-sponsored murder is a reasonable solution in the insane minds of Trump conservatives.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions then issued a memo on Wednesday telling federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty against certain drug traffickers, meaning that people will be murdered because of a decision made by Donald Trump.

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